Welcome to Old Weather - and thanks for your help. To find out everything you need to get you up to speed, you can either watch the videos or read on.

The first step is to login, by clicking the 'Get started' button in the top right hand corner of the page. You can either create an account - you only need an email address - or use your existing Zooniverse username and password. Once that's done, you can choose a ship to follow and get started. You might want to choose the ship featured on the home page, or select one from the list of vessels.

Once you're on the logbook page, then the first task is to find the date. This is usually in the top right hand corner of the logbook itself. Click anywhere on the logbook and the entry box will appear. You can drag this box around to magnify the page, and use the drop down menus to write in the date. Don't worry if there's no year - as ever on Old Weather, if there's information missing then just put in what you've got. Once you click 'OK' your contribution will be saved and the information you've inserted will appear on the timeline to the right of the page, just underneath the image of the ship.

The next step is to insert the location. Click on the logbook page again and a second box will appear. You can either enter the port - usually written at the top of the logbook - or the latitude and longitude - usually found halfway down.

Next, look for the weather reports, usually found in a column down the middle of the page. Click once more to bring up another entry box. Line up the dots with the columns, and they'll provide a guide to what you need to enter. Remember, if information is missing just fill in what you can see. Every time you click OK, it'll add the weather report to your timeline over on the right - and the code will change the weather symbol. Simply repeat this for each of the weather reports on the page - there are usually six.

The far right column of the logbook page contains 'Remarks' by the ship's officers. These might be routine - bringing stores on board, or just recording the time - but may also be of immense interest. You can record anything you think is interesting by clicking to bring up another text entry block and choosing the 'Event' tab. We've provided some drop down menus for likely or particularly interesting events, but you can always choose 'other' and write whatever you like.

Once you're done with a page, click 'I've finished with this page' underneath the timeline. This will save your hard work, update your rank (displayed above the page) accordingly and turn over to the next page of the logbook. Another page of history has been rescued.


Here's a brief video showing how to mark the dates.


Here's a brief video showing how to mark locations on the Old Weather interface.


Here's a brief video showing how to mark weather and event information on the Old Weather interface.


Here's a brief video showing how to get started in the Old Weather Forum.